The Point


A conversation I find myself repeating is explaining the idea behind scaling. Often when suggesting that someone should scale, I get a lot of resistance, mainly “You don’t think I can do that weight!?” I usually have to spend time explaining that “Yes, you can do that weight, but you’ll lose the intensity we’re aiming for.”

We often explain that Intensity is the key to fitness. Doing more work faster will get you much further than staring at a barbell with a little too much weight or a pull up bar with not enough band. We’re not asking you to scale because we think you’re weak. We need to find a way to keep you moving until the work’s done. So, we ask you to scale to make you even stronger than you are.

TODAY: WED, JAN 29, 2014


DEADLIFTS 205#/140#
*Palms facing toward you.

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2 Responses to The Point

  1. Elysia says:

    You did a great job explaining that, Lloyd. I always trust your insight — whether it’s to scale when I don’t want to, or to go higher than I thought I could. Over time I’ve gotten a good feel of how to play it, thanks to excellent coaching.

  2. Victor says:

    During last nIghts WOD, Dan, recommended a weight and I went with it. Immediately after, the thought that entered my mind, was I could have gone up in weight. But, I checked my ego against what Dan explained at the beginning of the WOD. Intensity.

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