Skills and Double AMRAP



Great work on the teamwork throughout “Double Angie” today.  Today we will attack a weakness for a lot of athletes in the gym…the DOUBLE UNDER.  I think I see at least 5 athletes a day working on these before or after class so I expect to see a large crowd at the 10 am skills session.  Just like earlier in the week with split jerks, check out this video, do your homework, and be prepared to conquer this weakness.

YouTube Preview Image

Today: 01/26/14

10am: Double Unders Skill Session


5 rounds

20 Double Unders

10 Burpees


AMRAP in 5 mins

Squat Clean Thruster (165/115)

Rest 2 mins

AMRAP in 5 mins

5 Deadlifts (165/115)

5 Burpee over Bar



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