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Above is the update on the expansion of CFW.  We’re happy to finally announce that this is underway and hopefully going to be completed by the end of January.   This expansion will bring us more space on our current side and another 3,000 sqft on the new side.  The new side will hold all of our new programs including; on going conjugate power lifting and Olympic lifting, our Kinetic Bootcamp will take place in the new space as well as kids and the Gymnastics building block series!

We’ll have plenty of new equipment for the programs as well.  This will include brand new Rogue power racks, new power bars, reverse hypers, specialty bars, competition bumper plates and Olympic Lifting bars.  The middle of the floor will be covered with turf for prowler pushes and sled drags.  New Olympic lifting platforms and everything else we’re going to need to run a serious strength program and Olympic Lifting program.

When we open these programs will be capped at 12 per class to MAKE SURE that each athlete in the programs are getting the quality and attention their looking for.  Each class will be 90 minutes in duration so you have plenty of time to focus on what the program is driving towards.

I’ve also put this video and some more details about the programs in an e-mail to you so please read that as well.  Any questions should be directed to Dan, Nick or Lloyd.

We’re very excited about this new space and the ability to bring you these programs that you’ve been patiently awaiting.  Cheers

This is pretty much what our strong side will look like when complete.










3 Rounds for time

21 Thrusters

21 pull-ups

*We are looking for 10 minutes and under on this WOD.  We talk a lot about picking the correct weight so, I want to see you do some math and thinking about what the weight is going to be for YOU.  10 minute HIGH INTENSITY workout with a target of 10 minutes and under….  That’s the goal.

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