What’s It All Mean?



By now, I hope you realize the importance of writing your score on the board after the workout. If not, you can look HERE for a reminder. But if you’re brand new, and you’re looking at the board to figure out what to write, so many numbers and abbreviations can get confusing. Here are a few common acronyms you may see written on the board.

  • AMRAP – As Many Rounds (or Reps) As Possible
  • CTB PU – Chest-To-Bar Pull Ups
  • HRPU – Hand Release Push Up
  • HSPU – Handstand Push Up
  • HSC & HPC – Hang Squat Clean & Hang Power Clean
  • OHS – Overhead Squat
  • SDHP – Sumo Deadlift High Pull
  • T2B & K2E – Toes-To-Bar & Knees-To-Elbows
  • WOD – Workout Of the Day (duh!)

If you have any questions on what something means or what to write, just ask! Every person in this building is more than willing to help.



  • 1 CURTIS P* 185#/125#
  • 25 LATERAL JUMPS (Over The Bar)
  • 6 CPVP PULL UPS (Chin Past Vertical Plane)

*Curtis P = 1 Clean (power or squat) + 2 Front Rack Lunges + 1 Push Press

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2 Responses to What’s It All Mean?

  1. tassha says:

    I’ve heard legend of this “Curtis P”. I am kind of excited/nervous to meet him for the 1st time tonight.

  2. Nici says:

    Curtis P seems very effective. I like himalready.

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