Another great community inspired picture above!  Reading through the Kinetic Bootcamp blog last night I noticed that the Director, Wendy, covered a intersting topic, delayed onset muscle soreness.  We have all experienced it, some may be experiencing it now.  Below is her write up, learn how to combat this nasty feeling:

DOMS: Delayed onset muscle soreness.  Sounds like something new, but it’s not.  We’ve all experienced it.  DOMS is the normal muscle soreness you feel the day or two after a tough workout.  What is it, though?  Working your muscles past the point that they are accustomed to produces tiny micro-tears in the muscle tissue.  This is the pain you feel.  As the muscles heal, they get stronger, and it makes it harder to get sore over time!  Staying hydrated is a great way to keep muscle soreness at bay; more water in your system flushes out the toxins that contribute to soreness.  When you are sore, don’t sit around.  Keep moving to force blood flow to the sore muscles, which will encourage healing.

Today: 121413

“Hold to Work”

Teams of 2 – 4 mins at each station w/ 1 min rest between each

Handstand Hold – Overhead Squats (135/95)

Bar Hang – Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Deadlift Hold – Power Cleans (185/155)

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