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Witnessed some serious work being done in the gym this week. There were a few WODs this week that pushed you physically as well as mentally.  Specifically the Snatch WOD yesterday.  It’s not only difficult to execute a good snatch when it’s a 1RM but no add in a little duress and see what happens.  We aren’t always allotted the time necessary to recover before we have to pick something up that’s heavy.  What did you notice that changed significantly in that WOD?  I know the weight got super heavy really quick but, what happened mentally?  *Hint, I kept on saying be deliberate and make it count…


5 Rounds for time

Run 1 Lap

10 OHS (115,75)

3 up and over a bar or rings ANYHOW!

**This means a ring muscle up, bar muscle up, gymnastic Kip, some of you have learned the glide kip in the gymnastics series as well.  Try each and work on something you don’t know how to do.

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4 Responses to Mental thoughts

  1. E says:

    Huh?? One lap bc we are wodding outside or run down to the track and back, aka a 400??

  2. Elysia says:

    After Lloyd forced me to put my 1RM for snatch on the bar, I kept hearing his voice in my head about mid-way through, saying, “Act like this is the last snatch you’ll ever do.” In other words, you have to get this done. If you don’t, you’re going to be standing here, floundering. It worked. Some kind of mental switch and I didn’t miss one snatch.

  3. JV says:

    Lloyd also forced me to use my 1RM snatch weight. Although in my last round I did miss a few, I can’t believe I did as many as I did. Lloyd’s voice in my head was telling me to really jump each one, and just focus on pushing my body down, even if it meant dropping the bar (which I didn’t drop the times I got under it).

  4. tassha says:

    The only things that should be doing glide kips are sugar gliders and 45lb people. My observation.

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