If you’re happy and you know it..


Hey ya’ll we got a great Google review from Kelly M, Mrs Rae Rae Roberts and Paul L the other day.  I rarely check in on these honestly but, was pleased when I did.  We love to get testimonials from you guys, in fact, we probably get two to three e-mails or Facebook posts weekly from someone telling us of their results or what they love about CFW.  If you have something you’d like to share please don’t hold back we love getting these reviews and testimonials, it’s what we do this job for!!  However, if you are thinking about writing a review I was told you do need a Google account.  I don’t know what that takes, I’m sure less than 3 minutes and a computer.  Either way, we love it so keep them coming and thank you!!


AMRAP in 10

3 Snatch (165, 115)

8 Pull-ups

15 Squats

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One Response to If you’re happy and you know it..

  1. Dr pauley says:

    I know Yelp usually filters reviews done by people who have never reviewed anything else on Yelp (and they filter less if you pay an exorbitant amount per month I believe). Always go with google reviews over Yelp!

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