I was enlightened a few weeks when I learned that a lot of our farms are being taken over by big companies.  I know this isn’t new news but, I was taken a back with some of the tactics these big companies use to gain control of farms around the country.  One of our new interns and not-s0-new athletes sees this first hand in one of her families farms in the mid west.  Monsanto will take farms to court and sue them for very large amounts of money and if they can’t pay, they simply take control of their farm.  I found the documentary interesting to say the least.  What do you think…

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3 Rounds for time:

7 Push press (155, 105)

40 double unders

then after 2 minutes

8 minute AMRAP

12 Deadlifts (155, 105)

12 box jumps

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6 Responses to Monsanto

  1. Dr pauley says:

    I heard about the tactics that Monsanto uses way back in 2010. I was in a bar in Ashland, VA of all places, and ended up chatting with an agent for the FDA. He told me so much unbelievable stuff that I demanded to see his badge to prove he wasn’t messing with me. They’re pretty much the equivalent of COBRA from the GI Joe cartoon.

  2. Kelly Mine says:

    Don’t get me started…I am a firm believer in supporting local and organic farms and fighting Monsanto every chance we get. If one or a few big companies can (with government support) control our food supply and our fundamental right to eat our food the way we want, then they control us on a cellular level. Forget any of the other “rights” we have…the right to eat unadulterated food is being systematically destroyed, and it is allowed by a government of our own choosing. Like I said…don’t get me started…

    • Rae says:

      Ditto what Kelly said… very passionate subject for me, so I’ll try not to say too much. I’ve been fighting this battle politically for years and so happy it’s finally reaching more people. There is a farm drop at my house every week for anyone interested, and also a monthly farm drop at JV’s. I can’t even remember the last time I bought meat at a grocery store. Here in NoVA, we have MANY great resources for healthy farm foods.

  3. Napua says:

    Monsanto (and Dow, Pioneer & other companies) are poison, literally & figuratively, to local communities. Back home in Hawai’i, they have taken over land that once grew sugar case & pineapples. When those industries went away over the last 10-15 years, it opened up the opportunities for large companies that do a lot of GMO (genetically modified organisms) testing of corn and other crops throughout the islands both on state owned lands and privately owned lands of billionaires like Steve Case. On Kaua’i, for example, residents and schools have experienced noxious fumes and have had to close windows, which is uncommon in most buildings/homes in HI because it allows for the trade winds to cool them down. Hopefully, they can get legislation passed that will establish specific zones for the crops and requires disclosure of chemicals used and hopefully bans specific chemicals that will endanger/alter the lands and cause long term effects on it and our people. A topic that hits close to home for me. Now I’m ready for tonight’s WOD!!! MAHALO!

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