Why do we all need more sleep?


Do you believe that you are getting enough sleep each night?  What do you think you need, 6, 8, or 10 hours?  I bet that a lot of you are thinking, “I wish I could get 8 hours a night”.  We all know that sleep and rest are important to our performance, but how important.  I know it is hard to dedicate yourself to getting enough sleep, the majority of your work 40+ hours a week plus travel time, but I challenge you to make it a priority when you can.  The article puts it well by saying, “Make a decision here and now that sleep is an integral part of your training and that you are going to take it as seriously as exercise and nutrition.”

Check out the article below and comment on how you will make changes with regards to sleep to increase your health and performance.

Sleep CrossFit Journal Article

Today: 111913

5 Rounds for Time:

2 Front Squats (225/135)

4 Deadlift (225/135)

6 Ring Dips


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One Response to Why do we all need more sleep?

  1. tassha says:

    ha anyone that knows me well knows I get my 7-8 hrs of sleep! If not, you dont want to be around me.

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