Have Fun!

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I want to remind all of you to do your best to have fun while you are in the gym.  I understand that each of us have different goals in mind when we step in the doors of CFW.  Some of us come to be social, lose weight, compete in the CrossFit Games, or just to improve our health. We all have good and bad days but do your best to not let the bad ones beat you down.  Learn from your mistakes, know your weaknesses, and live to WOD another day.  Check out the video above, laugh a little, comment on who you think our best Oly twerker is, and enjoy two 5 min AMRAPs today.

What makes CrossFit fun for you?  Do you have fun while executing a WOD or lift, or only after completion?

TODAY: 111813

AMRAP in 5 mins

5 Press (95/65)

7 Box Jumps (24/20)

2 mins rest

AMRAP in 5 mins

5 Push Jerk (95/65)

7 Burpee over bar

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2 Responses to Have Fun!

  1. Elysia says:

    Haha! Interesting that all the OLY twerkers in the video are men. After seeing Nick’s dance moves this past weekend, I’d say he’s probably our best OLY twerker. Him or Ray F. What makes CF fun for me: the community, the intensity, the fact that there’s so much to learn and improve upon. CF is fun even during a WOD but it’s a different kind of “fun.”

  2. tassha says:

    Why oh why is twerking a “thing”? LOL Yep….only 30 and already THAT lady

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