So some of you “guessed” correctly when asked how long this WOD should take some of you sure didn’t.  When looking at the WOD you have to take some things into consideration when looking at it.  What is written in terms of perscribed weight?  The weight is written for the fittest person that is going to do the WOD and can he/she do the weight with the given reps and time domain asked.  For this past one (115/75) we’re asking the fittest to put 115/75 overhead 60 times.  Is that doable for the fittest? Yes.  Now, the question you must ask, if you’re not the fittest, is what weight should I be considering to elicit the same response as the RX’d weight?  Good question self.  I need to do 6 rounds with 10 reps each round.  Can I do 115? no. ok maybe 95 pounds is a good weight for me to do 10 times over 6 rounds as quickly as possible.

Why “as quickly as possible?”

The point MUST be intensity as intensity is the indipendant vairable that determines FITNESS.  Not volume, not weight but intensity.  That is the key to fitness.

Now, for the fitest in the house.  115/75 is written for you.  We want to see you move that weight 10 times over 6 rounds as quickly as possible.  10 times for 115/75 is doable for you but we don’t want to mute any intensity by going over that weight.  If we wanted more weight overhead we’d probably look at lower reps so we could match intensity over that 6 rounds.

By doing some WOD anaylsis tuesday’s WOD should be in the 6-8 minute range, now what are we looking at for todays?  Use the same analysis as yesterdays…


Max Reps in 5 minutes

Clean to thruster (185, 135)

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  1. E says:

    4 – 6 minutes.

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