Heavy Lifting + Women = ?


I know we have covered this topic before but it is worth covering on a regular basis.  I love seeing our fit and strong ladies of CFW come in on pure strength days.  No offense fellas but there is nothing better than seeing a women who was once scared to “bulk up” or lift heavy, crush an old clean PR or back squat more than she ever thought imaginable.  Strength training with heavy weights is important for everyone but ladies you sometimes need a stern talking to so that you understand.  I get it, you want to tone…to bad there is no such thing.  Instead, like many of our ladies already do, lets focus on getting strong!  Check out this article if you need to hear it from a women, maybe she understands you better than I(Coach Nick) do.  Answer the question in the title line and let us know what you believe lifting heavy makes a women…besides awesome.

Lift Weight Lose Fat

Today: 103113 (Athletes train on Halloween)

AMRAP in 4 Mins

4 Hang Power Snatch (115/70)

5 Burpees

Rest 2 mins

AMRAP in 6 Mins

4 Overhead Squats (135/95)

12 Ring Dips

*FYI there might be a video of Coach Lloyd and Coach Nick doing this WOD(squat cleans not snatch) head to head in 2011…it’s not pretty!!**

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4 Responses to Heavy Lifting + Women = ?

  1. Coach Lloyd says:

    Not sure I want to pull that video out of the vault, especially being a month into CrossFit. Embarrassing.

  2. Candace says:

    Empowered & Exhilarated!

  3. Elysia says:

    Heavy Lifting + Women = Big Heart. Strong Body. Indomitable Soul.

  4. Kelly says:

    increased respect from the men…Love the love!

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