10 K Run


You got it.  After testing the 2 pathways in the past two days, glycolyctic and phosphogenic we are now going to test the oxidative.  The oxidative pathway will be the one you will you to accomplish long, slower type of workouts such as the 10k run, 5 K row or a Marathon which some CFW’rs are participating in at the end of the month.








I bet you that you were so scared we would be running a 10K that you didn’t even read the post, right?



Thruster (95/65)
Knee to Elbow

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6 Responses to 10 K Run

  1. Meghan says:

    Haha, I did almost immediately close out after reading the title and reset my alarm so that I can sleep in instead of coming in!

  2. Ryan says:

    Ha! I would rather run multiple 10k’s over tomorrow’s workout. With that being said, see you at 0600!

  3. Elysia says:

    I was like, “A 10k? Cool. As long as it’s not 60 laps around the track …” But tomorrow looks fun, too. 🙂

  4. tassha says:

    Actually 10K is my favorite length for a race! Not too easy, not too hard, juuuuuust right. I like running! Running WOD’s are the best!

    And dont forget…cough cough…some CFW members ran the Army 10-miler last weekend! No it’s not as impressive as marathon, but still a tough distance.

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