DSC_1209We discussed how to reach maximal power output in class today.  We talked about finding that weight that is going to allow you to reach that maximum power output in that given time domain.  The only real way to test this is to, guess what, do the WOD TWO more times.  Doing it once at a heavier weight would only determine the test for a heavier weight for that ten minutes.  What about a lighter weight?  Can you maintain the say, 30 second round over ten minutes with a lighter weight on the bar?  Again, only one way to know for sure.  But, what we want to take into consideration every time we look at the whiteboard is how to get your MAX output for that given WOD.  A few things to help you get close to that output is rep scheme, time domain and your strengths and weaknesses.

Now, to blow your minds even further we are testing another energy pathway today.  The phosphogentic pathway which requires quick, explosive bursts of energy.  You can see power for about 3-5 seconds in this exercise….


20 mins to establish 1 RM Snatch


Every 30 secs 1 Snatch at 80% for 4 mins

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