After 6 weeks of Breaking Through, the results are in . . . but first, some fun facts:

  • Of the people who finished the challenge, 2 tied their previous MetCon score while only one fell just shy. Everyone else improved their score.
  • Same story for the Sit ups. 1 person just missed their previous score, 1 tied, everyone else improved.
  • Similar for Pull Ups, too. 3 tied their old score, 1 was just one rep shy, everyone else improved.
  • Only 2 people did not improve their back squat – 1 male & 1 female.  The female has the current CFW Leaderboard record for the Back Squat. The male is a CFW Coach. Interestingly, they both gained the most Lean Body Mass of all the finishers.
  • Finishers combined to lose 15.68% of body fat.

Now for some shoutouts:

  • Most Body Fat Loss – Male: Sam Thomas (-3.08%) Female: Ashley Wilson (-4.9%)
  • Most Lean Body Mass Gained – Male: Coach Lloyd (+2.59%) Female: Colleen Eggie (+2.22%)
  • Back Squat BREAKTHOUGH Record – Male: Cory Sullivan (500#) Female: Colleen Eggie (290#)
  • Most Improved Back Squat – Male: Sam Thomas (12.77%) Female: Kim Potter (90%)
  • Pull Ups BREAKTHOUGH Record (strict) – Male: Coach Lloyd (24) Female: Julie Conrad (10)
  • Most Improved Pull Ups (strict) – Male: Sam Thomas (36%) Female: Christy Smith (37.5%)
  • 3-Stroke Max Wattage Row BREAKTHOUGH Record – Male: Coach Lloyd (884watts) Female: Colleen Eggie (373watts)
  • Most Improved Watt Row – Male: Jose Rivera (32.85%) Female: Christy Smith (146%)
  • Sit Ups BREAKTHOUGH Record – Male: Coach Lloyd (110) Female: Julie Conrad (92)
  • Most Improved Sit Ups – Male: Coach Lloyd (37.5%) Female: Kim Potter (63.63%)
  • MetCon BREAKTHOUGH Record – Male: Coach Lloyd (221reps) Female: Julie Conrad (245reps)
  • Most Improved MetCon – Male: Sam Thomas (35.88%) Female: Alysha Newton (89.23%)

Now, for your winners. Your Male winner took first place by losing the most body fat of all the finishers while maintaining his lean body mass. All of his fitness scores improved. Of the seven categories, he had 3 1st place finishes and 2 2nd place finishes. His name is Sam Thomas.

Your Female winner began CrossFitting AFTER starting the BREAKTHROUGH Challenge so it is remarkable how much she has improved since then. All of her fitness scores improved while lowering her body fat 2.5%. Of the 7 categories, she had 3 1st place finishes. We look forward to watching our Female winner, Kim Potter, continue to excel.

For winning the BREAKTHROUGH Challenge, they will each receive:

  • $100 Check
  • $100 Max Muscle Gift Card
  • 1 Month Gold Membership Upgrade
  • Enter The Zone Hardback Book
  • Testimonial on the CFW Website
  • A Blog Post & WOD of their choice

Congratulations to all of our finishers. We encourage feedback so please let us know what you’d like to see in the next Challenge.

TODAY: SUN, OCT 20, 2013






5 WALL BALLS 20#/14#


1 POWER CLEAN 225#/155#

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