Can you define Beauty?


This video has been going around Facebook and I think it is worth sharing.  As a community, CrossFit as a whole, I believe that we have come a long way with regards to changing our perspective on what beauty looks like.  No longer is it the skinny runway model but instead the strong and capable women who is beautiful and can run, deadlift, pull up, jump and snatch.  I hope if I ever have a daughter she grows up knowing that the most beautiful woman is the strongest and most capable, not the skinniest or the one wearing the most make up or with the nicest designer bag.  Obviously, there is much more to true beauty than just whats on the outside but if we just discuss the outward appearance, how would you define beauty?  Try not to use examples when answering.  Ladies, feel free to comment on what about a man is beautiful to you as well…

Letting Beauty Speak Up Itself

Today: 100713

1RM Thruster



12 Wall Balls

12 Pull Ups

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2 Responses to Can you define Beauty?

  1. Elysia says:

    I don’t personally think it’s possible to define beauty of the outward appearance while ignoring what’s on the inside, because the outside always reflects what’s going on on the inside. For example, something could be pleasing to the eye (in our example, really really strong) without achieving beautiful. I could see a person (male or female) or a painting or a sculpture or whatever that is aesthetically pleasing, but if the results of the process were not forged with a certain passion, desire or spirit, this would be reflected in the end product, and it would be that handsome guy or nice painting that makes you say, “Sure is lovely. But … what’s it missing? Why don’t I love it?” Which is why the most beautiful people, to me, are not always the strongest, or the best at everything, but the ones who want it the most, who try the hardest, who put it all out there, and who will keep on crushing their goals day after day. Beautiful, to me, is the lady who said the other day, “I don’t care if I hit the time cap. Somebody time these last 30 double unders. I’m going to finish this thing if it kills me.” It’s like the age-old question, is Art the process or the product? For me, the process. You can replicate the product (fashion model, anyone?) but never the process. And if that process is positive and passionate, it will be beautiful.

  2. tassha says:

    Do I think a strong fit body is beautiful? Absolutely, and that is what I strive to be. (Diet being a weakness haha). Anyways, the phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is absolutely the way everyone should look at beauty. A fit body is way better than the thin model bodies for health reasons, and looks for most people. BUt not all people like all that tone and muscle, and that is ok too. Clearly that person is not for you and vice versa.

    I guess my point is, don’t get stuck on one body type being beautiful. Maybe look at a body from a health perspective. A person can be healthy and not be super toned, it is possible. A super skinny person (not naturally skinny but forced skinny), is not healthy, and should be viewed as that, not ugly. An obese body is not healthy. Big is beautiful to some people, but big is never healthy, and that should be more important.

    I feel like the trend of strength being sexy vice skinny is a healthy trend, and I hope it continues. I just hope no one gets jaded enough to feel anything other than strong is ugly.

    Oh and most important of all, how do YOU feel about your body? Is it healthy? Do you like looking at it? That matters most!

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