Hooray for Friends

DSC_1080When I started this affiliate way back when in a land before time I had the idea that this would be a sanctuary for people to come  to sweat out all their problems, comiserate with others and be happy when they walk in the doors.  For the most part that’s what we’ve got here.  Now, of course once you put two people in a room together you have a recipe for disaster BUT, we have a pretty solid place to come and get away from whatever is bothering you.  I’ve heard so many times that “this hour is mine” or “I hate leaving here to go back to the real world”.  Friendships are forged along with elite fitness here.  We’re not talking about “oh hey how’s it going man” friendships we’re talking about “will you be in my wedding, man?” friendships.  It is very gratifying for me to a positive environment behind me and that people are feeling good here.

Today we’re going to follow on with a lot of percentage work and 3 or 2 rep max efforts we’ve been working on in the past weeks.  This is max effort, 100% all out go for it type of lift.


Oly Total.

Snatch 1Rm

Clean and Jerk 1RM


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