It’s PR Friday


Today we execute a 10 rep max Deadlift and Press.  Why you ask?  We execute the press because it is arguably the most useful upper-body exercise for general sports and conditioning.  Mark Rippetoe explains in Starting Strength that, “all sports that require the use of upper body strength transmit that force along a kinetic chain that starts at the ground.  Any time an athlete pushes against an opponent, throws an implement, uses a racquet or club on a ball or transmits force to an object, that force starts at the feet against the ground.  In a press, the kinetic chain – the components of the musculoskeletal system involved in the production and transmission of force between the base of support and the load being moved – starts at the ground and ends at the bar in the hands.”  So today when you are pressing for the 10th rep to set a huge PR just remember to drive hard against the ground and apply that force to the bar!

Now for the deadlift it is simple, it is the most simple and effective way to train the posterior and lumbar muscles so that you as an athlete can maintain a rigid lumbar spine under load.  It is imperative to maintain a rigid lumbar spine when lifting in order to achieve maximum power transfer and safety.  Without a rigid lumbar position your power cannot transfer through your body as discussed for the press.  Good Luck!

*Reminder: CFW will be closed on Saturday for the Capital Affiliate League Championships.  Come out and support our athletes competing.  Event begins at 8 am and will go through 5:30 pm.

Today: 092013

10 RM Deadlift

10 RM Strict Press


2 x 10 @90% of both

(use 6/27 Deadlift 1RM and 8/6 Press to plan)

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