Where would you be?

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I thought this was pretty amazing.  The commentary alone and the phone conversations can send chills up your spine.  I’ve never seen this video and I thought I had seen them all as I have been fascinated with anything related to 9/11 since 2001.  I always have a time during the day in which I reflect on 9/11, what I was doing that day, what I’ve done since and how it has kind of been a driving factor behind the last 12 years of my life and all of my 20’s.  I wonder where I would be now if those planes had never hit the towers.  I know I would have spent some time in the Army, that wouldn’t have changed as I accepted my ROTC scholarship on Sept 12th, 2001.  I don’t know if I would have ever found CrossFit.  I was deployed when I first came across CrossFit.  I probably wouldn’t have changed my mid tour leave from two weeks in Coasta Rica for a surfing trip to Virginia beach to get my Level 1.  Many many many things would be very different right now.  If 9/11 never happened where do you think you would be??


5RM of each Deadlift and Push Press

*after finding a 5RM do two sets of 90%

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