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Many of you only know CrossFit for Reebok, the Games and where it is now.  You may not know that CrossFit started in Santa Cruz in a tiny garage with one man and a couple of clients.  All he had were a couple of dumbells, some rings and a pull-up bar.  He believed that functional fitness, multi-jointed, full range of motion fitness was the only way.  A fitness that can be measured  and repeated to prove its efficacy.  Turns out he was right.  CrossFit has blossomed into what you have today.  Although, I don’t think we’ve reached the cusp of it’s growth we’ve definitely seen it grow from that one box to over 2,500.  I want you to use this video above to do some research to find out as much as you can about CrossFit’s upbringing.  You may notice that some big things have happened like the Games and Reebok but the very core of CrossFit hasn’t changed a bit.  Check it out and know our history.



21, 15 and 9

Thrusters and Pull-ups


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3 Responses to History

  1. Jason C says:

    Fran instead if team WOD??

  2. tassha says:

    Who won the “contest”?????

  3. Dan says:

    Yep. Fran Jason. I know it’s your day to metcon!!!

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