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In case you aren’t aware, there has been a TON of competitive activity going on here at CFW. The Capital Affiliate League has begun and all 4 of our teams are going in for the kill! In the individual realm, Coach Sara defined her title at the Beef-A-King Fit Competition to nail a spot on the podium in 2nd place! And your CFW Kids crossfitted their little hearts out in the 2013 CFW CrossFit Kids Games. CFW definiately makes it’s presence known in this community and you guys make it happy. Congratulations to all of our competitors for their hard work!

Though you may not have been aware of all of the competition going on around here, you better be aware that the BREAKTHOUGH Challenge is quickly approaching and you better jump on board! There are flyers all around the gym with details on how you can change your life.

TODAY: MON, AUG 12, 2013





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2 Responses to Activity All Around

  1. Kelly says:

    We cannot thank Evy enough for making this happen. The Johnson family, the folks that brought food for our very hungry athletes, folks who helped out all made this a positive, encouraging environment for the kids. The kids were especially thankful to the Johnsons. They said it made them feel like it was the real games to have judges there, and said it was so nice “not to have to count!” 🙂

    What CFW is doing for our kids is an investment for a lifetime. Thank you for making this possible.

  2. Rick Johnson says:

    Thanks Kelly for the very kind words. We had a blast!

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