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Oh Hey guys, Dan here.  I’ve been out for a while I’m not sure if you noticed or not.  These past two weeks have been part vacay and part business for me.  I know, how can a trip to Cali be business but, I try and get to as many business seminars and affiliate gatherings to make sure we stay ahead of the game and we are the best we can be fore you. I did just that at two difference places over the past week.  So, I got my business fitness on!  One thing I DID NOT do is get my real fitness on..at all.  Wait, I ran after a soccer ball a little bit, swam and did some body surfing.  Oh, and for those of you who follow me on the Facebook and the tweets I rode a mountain bike and almost ran Rich Fronning over on Rondondo beach(true story).  I digress.  Long story short I didn’t visit any gyms or affiliates these past 12 days at all.  I didn’t intend to either.   This was my vacation and I was fine with what I did, or what I didn’t do.  But, here’s the deal y’all I felt terrible today.  That’s ok though I knew I would and I also know it’s not going to come back in a day so I wasn’t going to do everything under the sun and expect my fitness to magically come back today. Nope, got to get back in there, chip away and start training.  It’s not a huge deal to take some time off at all.  It’s actually a good thing to clear the mind and have a little bit of fun and not stress about training all the time.


500M Row Time Trial
100 Box Jumps 24″/20″
*5 Barbell Thrusters EMOM 45/35


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