2 Notes for the Kiddos/Parents


2 Notes for the kiddos/Parents:

1: Our CrossFit Kids Program will be expanding its hours starting in Mid-August, we will be adding a morning class.  Be sure and talk to Coach Eve or our new Kids Coach, Coach Ana, for more details.

2: Parents of little ones, If you choose to bring your children please ensure that you are in a location in the gym throughout your workout to observe your child.  Our Coaches love your kids but they are not here to babysit.  We had an incident last week where one kid could have seriously injured another by knocking a peice of equipment on top of the other.  Our training facility is a playground for adults not children.  Thank you for understanding and your compliance.

TODAY: 080113

1 RM High Bar Back Squat


Group Core

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One Response to 2 Notes for the Kiddos/Parents

  1. Kelly says:

    We are looking forward to the new class time…I hope it works with our schedule when fall rolls around!

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