To scale or not to scale…that is the question


Last week Coach Lloyd wrote about the importance of PROPER scaling before a WOD.  See it here.  Today we find out who took that to heart and will do well and those of you who are hard headed and refuse to scale for success.  Time for some introspection to figure out what your capabilities are at this time and how you plan to scale or not scale this WOD.  Your Coach will be here to help with outside observation and evaluation if you need help dont you worry!

TODAY: 073113

3 Rounds

15 Ring Dips*

AMRAP Kettlebell swings 70#/53#

Rest 2 Min


AMRAP Wall Balls 20#/14#

Rest 2 Min
*Score is lowest set of KBS & Wall Balls

**Ring Dips and SDHP must be unbroken, if you drop you start over

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