Ws VS Ls


So here’s the scenario: You check out the WOD when it’s posted and you’re stoked because it has all of your favorite movements and it’s in a time domain that’s optimal for your fitness level. You got plenty of rest last night, you actually had breakfast this morning, and you drank plenty of water. You get to the gym 30 minutes early excited with your game plan already worked out. You check the times on the board and find that most of them are a couple of minutes slower than your guesstimated time. You warm up on your own as you stake out your spot to set up your equipment. You even volunteer to demo the movements.

Fast forward to the start of the clock. Your enthusiasm remains high as you truck through the first set. But, all of a sudden, you notice yourself breathing a little heavier than you should at this point. Then the weight starts feeling heavier. Before you know it, you’re failing reps. That’s when you start taking breaks. The time you thought you’d finish in has come and gone and you’ve just made it pass the halfway point. A quick look to your left and right reveals that most of the is done. Some even come over to cheer you on. By the time you finish, you’re a sweaty mess, barely able to stand. Even when you can compose yourself, you’re too embarrassed to write your score on the board.

So, what happened here? Obviously, the WOD kicked your butt. But I’m not getting at whether it was overconfidence or lack in preparation or anything like that. I’m just bringing up a fact of life: You win some, you lose some. What’s important is what you do after either case. You crush a WOD. Ok, what could you have done even better? Are you spending too much time on the stuff you’re good at? The WOD smokes you. What weaknesses did it expose? Keep track of everything you do in this gym. Evaluate and reevaluate. And above all, get up when you get knocked down.

TODAY: MON, JULY 22, 2013


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One Response to Ws VS Ls

  1. Elysia says:

    Great post and what an awesome picture! I think that shot captures a good portion of the spirit of the gym. You should blow it up and hang it.

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