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CNN recently posted a video article entitled “CrossFit is not for the weak“. You can watch that video here.

Before I offer my opinion, I would like to know your take in comments section.

TODAY: WED, JULY 17, 2013





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8 Responses to What Do You Think?

  1. Sarah R. says:

    Got to be honest–I’m glad the video didn’t show anything that is ‘specific’ to Crossfit, like butterfly pull-ups or kipping muscle-ups/HSPU. Those movements always seem to bring out the most critics, as well as anything showing exceptionally poor form like rounded back deadlifts–kudos to Crossfit Rubicon. And while the video was not exactly topping the excitement scale, I agree with the title of the piece. Although none of us are Games athletes and we all probably spend some amount of time comparing our weaknesses to other people’s strengths, there’s something to be said for people who strive consistently for improvement in a sometimes (or often 🙂 punishing and discouraging environment, and by that I mean that there can be many more ‘hard’ days than ‘PR’ days.

  2. Jeremy says:

    I was not that impressed with the reporting. They made it sound like you will get injured as soon as you try the workout, with no context, no talk about scaling for fitness levels, and no discussion about the qualifications of those who should be teaching crossfit.

    I don’t like it classified as extreme either because it makes it sound unreachable or doable, when we all know that anyone can do it if you scale properly. You are probably more likely to get injured squatting in a smith machine than you are doing most of the crossfit movements.

    All that said, at least it is making headway into the public, which is better than nothing.

  3. Nat says:

    And life isn’t for the weak either.

    @23 sec LOL part body building, whatever that means. May be the lame folks at CNN think we do bicep curls…

  4. Bull says:

    Is this the same WOD as Sunday or have I had too many beers?

  5. Nick says:

    Sunday was Squat Snatch and today is a Power Snatch.

  6. Laura says:

    I don’t think Crossfit isn’t for the weak…it’s more NOT for the weak-minded, weak-spirited, and the weak-hearted (I mean, in spirit). I wasn’t strong or fit when I started. I’m still not! But I’m stronger today than I was yesterday and it’s because of Crossfit. I got hurt more in one season of playing adult intramural soccer than I have at Crossfit. It was frustrating seeing that “getting injured” was a focus since you can get hurt just walking down the sidewalk. They didn’t even show a variety of what you do here and it said nothing about community, accountability and so on. I think that’s an important characteristic of Crossfit too. Yay to a local Crossfit getting recognized though! Just my two cents…

  7. tassha says:

    I like it and I know I am going “against the grain” by saying this, but I do think it is an “extreme” work out, scaled or not. Why do I say that? Well for starters, Crossfit is basically HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), right? Back in the days of yor, when we first learned how to work out, we learned that you need to at least work out for an hour each day, with long distances, and something like 4 sets of 12 reps at a moderate weight. HIIT is not a really “new” concept, but it is new as far as popularity goes. It can be considered extreme because your heart rate does go up quickly and you are lifting more weight than you are used to. This does open up the door for injuries if people are not careful. IE: Going too fast and passing out because they are not hydrated or their hearts are not ready for it. Or trying to lift as much as person X because they dont want to be the weakest, leading to injury. Crossfit is competitive, you can say it isnt all you want, you can say you shouldnt compare yourself to others all day long, but at the end of the day there is that one person you want to beat, and you will do what you can to get there. Crossfit is not for the weak, and that doesnt mean just physically. It is not for the weak minded, the people who say “I cant”.

    With that being said, yes ANYONE can do Crossfit. They just have to be smart and know their own limitations. They also need excellent coaching (Which CFW does provide!). Some boxes, as I’ve heard, push people to lift heavy with little regard to form and safety.

    Cute little video, not a lot of meat, just good insight.

    Bro, do you even lift?

  8. Paul A. says:

    Posting this a second time since I wasn’t logged in the first time:

    As a n00b to Crossfit (Monday was my first workout, looking forward to coming back tonight), I found the video a little disheartening. If I knew absolutely nothing about Crossfit (and granted, I only know a little at this point) and only watched that video, I might not have looked into it and signed up. What I have learned is that there is much more to Crossfit then just what fits into a 1:17 report. There’s only a brief mention of scalability and a couple of quick video shots of people doing an exercise with just a barbell, no weights. Yet there is no mention of community involvement, on teaching fundamentals, of camaraderie and helping each other. I disagree with the title. I’m weak: I haven’t consistently exercised in months, I’m 40 pounds overweight and even though I have only been to one class, I felt more welcome during that one class then all of the gym memberships I’ve ever had combined. I might change the title to “Crossfit is not for the weak of mind”, because although I am weak physically, my mind is very sharp and it is my mind that helps push my body through that last set or last rep. I think in some ways, that video and title do a disservice to Crossfit as a whole. I’d like to see the reporter get in there for a class and then do a REAL report on Crossfit. 🙂 Just my two cents…

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