Action Jackson


WHOOOLLLEE lotta action at CFW these past few days.  My staff and I at CFW HQ would like to extend a thanks to everyone who participated in our bring a friend days.  Showing off your fitness is our main goal here as well as spreading the awesomeness of CFW.  We really appreciate you bringing those friends and family members to WOD with us.  Secondly, I’d like to thank the captains of all the CAL teams as they have seemlessly scheduled practices and skill sessions out of the way of classes making sure to help us out with space issues.  That seems to be working so keep it up (Ryan cough cough)

FYI I’m waiting on a few more details from my realtor about expansion then I’m going to officially break the good news to everyone….


10 am Skill:


11 am:

20 mins for 1RM

EMOM for 5 mins
1 Snatch at 90%


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  1. Sarah R. says:

    Great pic!!! STRONG!

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