A simple game of tag


I have started something that may go viral, ya’ll.  I have started a simple game of tag with a friend of mine Lauren McGowan.  I started with a simple forward roll and tagged here (literally and figuratively) she now has 24 hours to add a movement to my forward roll and tag someone else.  This will go on and on as far as can.  Beware of this game though, we could see some serious movements and challenges come from this!!

Has everyone seen the e-mail about the mobility classes?  Yes, we’re going to have a link for people to sign up for this in advanced.  We are going to have 7 days advanced notice for this so everyone has ample opportunity to get in for mobility.


5 x 1- 3 postion clean (high hang, hang, floor) + 1 jerk (1 full from-the-floor clean, one above the knee clean, one from the pockets clean and finish with a jerk)  As heavy as possible


6 min AMRAP
50 DU
10 Burpees

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