Big Day at CFW


What a day at CFW we had a great showing for the benchmark workout “Angie” today.  many ripped hands but many PR’s!  I think there are some new leaders on that leader board after today.

Speaking of ripped hands it’s getting humid and hot out this summer and there are ways to keep those hands from ripping and to keep training.

#1.  Use minimal chalk.  It’s not necessary to put heaping gobs of chalk on the hands.  Less is more in this case.

#2.  Trim that crap.  Trim that crap off your hands.  The more even the callouses are the less they bunch up and rip on you so keep it to a minimum

#3.  Use a pumice stone.  Yes, guys grind those hands down so they’re smooth

#5.  Make magic hands 

#6.  Have a good attitude.  It doesn’t hurt if you have a great attitude, I promise


Teams of 3


30 Wall Balls
30 CTB Pull Ups
30 Pistols
30 DB Snatch (70/50)

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