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So, I had a friend that is my age pass away yesterday and James Gandolfini past away today at a young age as well.  This got me thinking about a lot and what matters to me and what really doesn’t… so, simple blog post tonight.  What would you do if this was your last week on earth?


20minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch


Every 30 seconds for 4 minutes complete 1 Power Snatch.  You want to aim for about 70% of the 1RM for the power snatches.

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7 Responses to Simple Question..

  1. Kelly says:

    I’m very sorry for the loss of your friend…this question is almost too personal to answer here, but you asked. I would snuggle with my kids and tell them everything that is wonderful about them and let my husband know that is the most perfect man in the world to me. I don’t know that I would do anything different–maybe spend most of the time in nature, soaking up the beauty and enjoying the world that God made, but I would not spend one second apart from my family. I definitely would not be spending the time on facebook…

    There are no guarantees in life. I think we have to constantly make things right around us, keep checking that we are living lives that are honest, loving and free, and not waste time holding onto bitterness. If someone told me that it was my last week, I would have no regrets. I am at peace with God and my loved ones. It’s a good place to be and where I want to stay.

  2. Jeremy says:

    I would snatch 205#.

    Just kidding. I never really thought about it specifically and I don’t really have a bucket list. See my family as much as possible, have a beer with some of my close friends. Take my boy and my girls fishing. Take my wife on a date or two. Really all that matters is the folks who will remember us, so that is where I would focus my attention.

  3. Sarah R. says:

    First off, I would drive straight to Virginia Beach, catch the hottest Navy SEAL I laid eyes on and….

    Just kidding!!!! Totally wouldn’t!! I’d fly home (who knows? Maybe first class–never done that before), be with family, and just soak that up. I’d scarf down boxes of Marshmallow Maties (the poor man’s Lucky Charms) and pastries from Les Madeleines. I’d cry some, but only because I was laughing so hard at the memories of family and friends–and I’d make sure to give instructions to be completely frivolous with all the life insurance money they’re about to collect!! 🙂 I’d tell them I am so grateful I got them, and that I’ll see them soon and we’ll start our next adventures. And then my ashes are going to by loaded on a Hellfire missile and shot out of my brother-in-law’s Apache, because HELL YEAH!!!! 🙂

    Okay, Dan–you made me bawl my eyes out. Hope you’re doing all right–let us know if you need anything. Thanks for the opportunity to reflect on what’s important.

  4. Ryan Haught says:

    James was one of my favorite people to workout around at Power House Gym. He always was light hearted and always went hard. I was very sad to hear the news of his passing!

  5. Anonymous stop taking shit for granted says:

    My first fatality accident we responded to a couple guys who were running to the
    store for some food on a Sunday afternoon. They just left their BBQ and families at home to
    get a couple supplies and then went off the road, got wedged between a couple
    trees, and were pinned inside the vehicle. The vehicle caught fire and they
    never made it out. When we arrived on scene they had already passed. During the
    accident, their vehicle had spun so violently their cell phone flew out the
    window. I was walking and heard the old Nokia ring on the ground. My Chief
    looked up at me with a tear in his eye and said, “who is going to answer that.”
    A year after this, 9/11 occurred. I quit the department and went to the military
    to go to war. I was in Fallujah, Iraq shortly after. Several of my close friends
    passed. Some in my arms. I don’t talk about these events often. However, they do
    define me. They shape the way I approach life and they shape the way I train
    every single second, hour, and minute of any rep, WOD, or workout. Those people
    in the stories wish they could have the opportunity to do the things we do. But
    can’t now. I live everyday and make goals as if tomorrow may never come.
    Tomorrow is never promised. One day you may be driving and your car may turn. If
    you aren’t living your life as if it were your last week, you may want to stop
    complaining about the things that don’t matter and reevaluate your priorities.
    My ability to just be able to CrossFit is a far greater privelage then being
    great at any WOD or skill. At least I can be here to do it for more one week.
    In short, I wouldnt have to change anything.

  6. Candace says:

    I’m really sorry for your loss. I so concur with Kelly’s post! If this were my last week, I would hold my family close and love on them as much as possible. I would tell my kids how proud i am of them and thank my husband for his constant sacrifice and love for me. I’m at peace through Jesus and have the hope of where I’m headed. (This is really emotional to talk about :’)

  7. Rae says:

    So sorry for your loss, Dan. For myself personally, I think there are too many people I love for only 7 very meaningful days to spend with them. Better get started early since I clearly need a lot more than that… Thanks for the reminder.

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