CrossFit for Hope

What is CrossFit for hope?

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This is last years video on the event and it should be exactly the same this year or better.

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This year CrossFit Woodbridge will be participating in CrossFit for Hope on the National Mall.  Last year was a big hit and a lot of money was raised.  Lets all make a commitment to support this in some capacity.  Brian Wilson from Patriot is heading this event up and is currently working the plan and timeline.  Hopefully, we can bring as many people to the mall on July 6th to get after it for the kids!!

CrossFit Woodbridge’s CrossFit for Hope donation page


AMRAP in 9 minutes

3 Back Squats (225,155)

6 pull-ups

9 push-ups

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2 Responses to CrossFit for Hope

  1. Justin Bullman says:

    Since I left a comment about the lack of quality on that one post, I would like to comment on the quality content in this one. 🙂

    Crossfit for Hope is a great opportunity to give something back to those in need. As well as enjoying the event. A few years ago we were able to share our passion for others through the annual ‘Fight Gone Bad’; but I think there were some legal complications from Crossfit INC or maybe we missed it this year. This will be an exciting!


  2. Sarah R. says:

    When I went to the Dallas Crossfit Tour was when Greg Glassman introduced “Crossfit for Hope” to a group of about 500 of us. This was the year CF HQ did away with “Fight Gone Bad” as their annual fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Project and replaced it with “Crossfit for Hope” to benefit the impoverished. As you can imagine, there was a lot of push-back among the audience, as Crossfit has long had a relationship with members of the military. Glassman basically said (rough quote here), “Wounded Warrior and the multitude of other charities for veterans have done so well and established enough financial support that HQ feels we can start sharing the good/generosity/help with others in need.” At the time the specific goal was to build schools in Kenya. And then they showed the tear-jerking promo video, and by the end I don’t think anyone with a heart could argue against the positives of “Crossfit for Hope”.

    So the small journey into the history of the switch from FGB to CFH aside–if you thought the workout for “Fight Gone Bad” was terrible, get ready to be DESTROYED by the workout for “Crossfit for Hope”. So, so, so much worse…. you’ll be ready to donate all your life’s savings and both kidneys just for the coach to yell, “TIME!!!” 🙂

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