Brain Quiz

Pick a number between 1 and 5
Multiply it by 9
If its two digits add them both together
If it’s one digit leave it alone
Subtract 4
Give your number a letter.  If your number is 1 then your letter is A, if it’s 2 then B and so on
Take that letter and pick a country that begins with that letter
Take the last letter of the country and name an animal starting with that letter
Then pick a color with the last letter of the animal you chose
Front Squat
Bench Press






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9 Responses to Brain Quiz

  1. Ali Dyer says:

    A Green Dog from England – Double Boom !!

  2. Kelly says:

    turquoise newt from Oman

  3. Candace says:

    Red alligator from ethiopia!! Funny. 🙂

  4. Rae says:

    khaki yak from Norway
    (I can’t believe you actually had me going there)

  5. Justin Bullman says:

    I don’t understand how the article attached to today’s workout is relevant to Crossfit, fitness or our community. Just a bit confused. Instead of posting the mind puzzle attached to today’s strength workouts, perhaps a post about why we are training those specific lifts in that manner (3s vs 5s) and/or the overall intent of this new strength cycle?

    How does training our front squat affect overall fitness, what about bench press?
    Is the 3s for the front squat a part of a larger strength cycle plan? What about the 5s for the bench press? If so, some content provided toward the intent/goal of the programs would be beneficial to those working on them.

  6. James C says:

    The last few days I have been reflecting on my time at Cf Woodbridge and comparing it to dozens of affiliates I have worked out at across the country with the intent of providing some useful suggestions for the Suggestion Box. The Bull makes a good point. Is the goal of CFW to entertain people for an hour a day and send them home or train average people off the street to be elite athletes with a strong understanding of programing and advanced functional movements?

  7. Boneza H. says:

    Although I completely understand where you’re coming from Justin and James, and yes, understanding why we do movements the way we do is essential to our training. With that said, I appreciate the brain quiz because as light hearted as it is, it’s a great reminder that 1. Our brains needs as much training as our bodies do and 2. You can’t take life and yourself too seriously. What I love about our community is that regardless of your goals, whether that is to compete, look better naked, loose weight, get swole, or get lean, CFW is an equal opportunity box where coaches and athletes take their fitness seriously so what’s wrong with a little “entertainment” on a blog post sometimes? Oh and I just watched this exact game on the show Brain Games on the National Geographic channel. Good show. There’s nothing wrong with giving your brain a bit of a “WOD” now and then or better yet, every chance you get.

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