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You guys know I like to look outside of our CrossFit bubble every now and then just to see how we appear from that side looking in. It’s not that I’m obsessed with self-image or anything; I just get curious. Yesterday, one of our members dropped and interesting article on the CFW Community Page that I think us diehard CrossFitters should take a look at. Don’t judge too quickly, though, especially after reading the title. Most of this author’s reflection of the CrossFit world will sound very familiar. Take a look at it here. Let’s hear some of you thoughts in the comment section.

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*Your score is the last complete round of burpee pull ups with a notation of any additional reps. Example: Time is called after you complete 4 pull ups in your round of 12. Your score is 10+4.

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6 Responses to Read Before Judging

  1. Stephanie G. says:

    “Either that, or the chick working out next to you will be a freak beast who warms up with more weight than you can lift, which is totally emasculating.

    Speaking of which, ladies, CrossFit will not make you sexy. It will make you frightening.”

    I think the author has some valid points; yes, being Paleo is very restrictive, yes, it can be demoralizing to be the last one done in class, etc. But I think he 100% invalidates everything he said with the crap he wrote above. I’ll never understand why some men ate do afraid of strong women… who cares if the girl beside of you can lift twice what you can, it doesn’t make you less of a man. And it doesn’t mean that the girls who can lift are freakish or masculine. It just means that they are tough, strong, awesome chicks. And he doesn’t have the right to comment on Crossfit girls’ bodies (which are many and varied, btw), saying that they aren’t sexy or that they’re scary. There are plenty of people, men and women, who think Crossfit girls are beautiful. Just because they aren’t to his taste. He is a jerk face. =/

  2. Rae says:

    Read it earlier today…the whole article cracked me up. I took it as humorous and more tongue-in-cheek than anything negative. I enjoyed his honesty. 😀

  3. Elysia says:

    A lot of CF bashing articles are poorly written, mean spirited, or ignorant. I just thought this one was funny. Obviously I don’t agree with all of the author’s assertions, but the kernel of truth in each scenario is what made me laugh. That’s what writers (and comedians) do. Find the bizarre, exaggerate it, get a laugh.

  4. Jeremy says:

    I took it the same way, although clearly by some of the comments, the haters really took the opportunity to pile on. Interesting part of the comments was when one of the guys makes the blanket statement that crossfitters are not athletes, they are merely folks who sucked at athletics so they do something where they only have to be ok at everything.

    I tend to find that annoying. Frankly, crossfit is probably the only thing outside of martial arts that has felt anything like when I was competing as a gymnast in terms of the environment and competition. And (wait for it Tony), you have folks like Froning that could probably legitimately compete in olympic weightlifting as a byproduct of his crossfit training…so if someone tells me olympic lifters aren’t athletes as well, then I suppose they aren’t someone worth having this conversation with. That said, the article itself was funny.

  5. Kerri says:

    Oftentimes entertainment needs exaggeration in order to be funny. I think Jeremy was correct about the blanket statements. Nothing like a warm, cozy blanket statement to wrap around you when you don’t want to learn something!

  6. Sarah R, says:

    Jeremy–I was having a conversation with Dan a while ago about the athletic backgrounds of Games athletes. Almost every one I could think of off the top of my head was a collegiate athlete. Froning = baseball, Spealler = wrestiling, Thorisdottir = pole vault, Kittelberger = gymnastics, Pye = rugby, Chan = water polo, Maddox = football…. Even if we just look at the Ute Crossfit team Hack’s Pack–all three male members of their competing team are ex-Division I football, with Taylor Richards-Lindsay ex-D1 basketball and Erin ex-D1 soccer. I’m pretty sure their third female is ex-D1 as well but I’m drawing a blank on her name. So I guess my point is Crossfitters aren’t non-athletes who suck at everything, though that could just be my pride speaking. 🙂

    And yes, the article had me in tears too. I think my dogs thought my fits of laughter were signs of impending insanity…

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