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As I look at this photo and think back to all of the great feats of strength, power and athleticism from this past weekend and everyday at the gym and you know what really impresses me….CFW’s Strong and Beautiful Women.  Can I get an amen fella’s?  We have so many ladies that come in day after day and work their buns off and demonstrate how BA they really are.  The best part about it is that they are not concerned about being bulky or too muscular…they just want to be strong and fit.  Keep up the good work ladies!   I have attached an article I saw I think on one of our ladies Facebook page a few weeks ago and saved, a little bit of a rant but good undertones of what I hope is a new awakening in young women that strong is the new skinny.  Show me a women cleaning a barbell any day over a skinny women on a catwalk.

Strong is the New Skinny



Deadlift  (275/185)

Box Jump (30/24)


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4 Responses to Strong People = Strong Community

  1. Elysia says:

    Great post! Loved watching the competitors all weekend and agree that the CFW women (and men) are awesome! If anyone got the chance to listen to the RX women talk to each other this weekend, all you would’ve heard was one amazingly fit woman tell another how awesome the other was. Even though they all worked their butts off and wanted to win, the toughest women at CFW are also the most humble and appreciative of each other’s efforts and skills, which demonstrates such a healthy, amazing atmosphere.

  2. tassha says:

    Great post and so true. I hate to admit it, but I am almost 30 (July baby!) and this year is the first year I am truly proud of my body. The first year of my life I can look in the mirror and see hard work. I was a chunky kid and teen, an underweight soldier (yep believe it or not), and got chunky again when I got out in 2009. I was still “working out” but eating terribly and getting chunky. I now know how to be fit (CROSSFIT!!) and my weight reflects hard work now, not jars of peanut butter and nutella. But now that I am getting strong I am finally confident in who I am. Happy 30th Birthday to me!

    There are so many ladies in our gym that I admire. I’d name them, but I’m sure I’d leave one out, and dont want to risk that! Guys too! Guys at a typical gym can lift some serious weight too, but cant function. Meaning (like my exboyfriend), he could Deadlift close to 400lbs..but ran slower than a 10 minute mile. I used to have googoo eyes for him, he was my strong man. Took me a minute to realize he was not fit.

    Any who that is that.

  3. CFW - Lloyd says:


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