I am now able to…



Hey everyone, Dan here.  Question time..

Because of CrossFit are you now able to…

Climb back over the edge of the building you were about to fall off of?

Beat off that person who was trying to mug you for your sweet gold chain?

Jump a double rope that happens to be swinging nearby?

Run fast enough to beat a bear chasing you and your non-crossfit buddy (sorry buddy)

Say yes when your boss demands you take notes whilst doing a one legged squat?

Push your car off to the side off the road when it brakes down?

Put the heavy cans of organic tomatoes overhead to the top shelf?

Run instead of walk, row instead of run and/or carry someone while doing either.

Climb to safety up a rope when the ground suddenly vanishes beneath your feet.

Carry ALL the grocery bags in ONE TRIP!! (no need for two trips!!)

Successfully kick a bar you’re hanging from..

Wow all your friends with your magic trick of touching your knees to your elbows…in…mid…air..

Win an arm wrestling contest

Intimidate all the kids on the playground

Take your shirt off

Wear a bathing suit

Be confident

Say, yes..I can

Know you’re strong

Live longer

Be healthy

Choose a healthy lifestyle…


Some or all of these may apply to you.  What is your absolute favorite thing on my list or you up your own.  I am now able to…



3 rounds

Run 400

21 KB Swings

12 Pull-ups



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7 Responses to I am now able to…

  1. Lindsay says:

    Ummmm, I already intimidate kids on the playground and win at arm wrestling…

  2. Elysia says:

    Hit a giant in the face with a 14# medicine ball. Say things like, “Yay! I’m gaining weight and my butt’s getting bigger!” to chicks who get it. Annoy people with my “weird diet” and cool abs.

    • tassha says:

      I hear you on the butt thing! A year ago I was one pant size bigger than I am now. My waist did shrink which is awesome! My butt grew too, also awesome! So I can not purchase a smaller pant size because while my waist fits, my butt wont. Le Sigh

      • Elysia says:

        You need tailor made clothes! 🙂 My size didn’t change but everything fits differently. In a good way.

  3. MrsBull says:

    Split wood. Impress people with my sweet paleo baking skills. Carry two laundry baskets full of clothes at once! Mystify almost everyone when I tell them what kind of weight I can lift.

  4. tassha says:

    Self proclaimed QUEEN of the one trip grocery carry. Two trips if I had to buy a 55lb bag of dog food…which I properly clean to my shoulders!

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