Bring your sunscreen



See how Elysia is doing some pretty sweet knees to elbows there on the outdoor rig at the track? What you don’t see is the very hot sun in the sky above her.  Saturday is going to be a hot day!  It’s gonna be 91 degrees y’all.  I want you to bring some sunscreen and lather it on before coming.  We’ll have water and gatorade there for you as well.  It’s going to be a great time but I want you to be safe and stay a while, not get burnt and be miserable.  Also, make sure you do your best to park at in the CrossFit area and not at other businesses.  Use the walking path or sidewalk and stay out of the parking lot.  Remember the more we play nice the more we’re left alone.


5 rounds

run 2 laps

20 wall balls

6 bar muscle up’s.

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One Response to Bring your sunscreen

  1. Elysia says:

    Yeah, that was a hot workout! Will be a hot weekend while I’m cheering you guys on, too! Good luck to all!

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