On The Right “Track”

Isn’t it so awesome we have our own track?!? With a mean pull-up rig right in the middle! Right by a major thoroughfare so passers-by can watch in amazement as we get our fitness on! I’m still stoked by all the possibilities.

And while on the subject, we need to reiterate the importance of following the correct running route to get to the track. Make sure we leave through the front door, along the sidewalk, and across the speed bump to get to the path of the track. It is not suitable to go through the baydoors and around the loading area to get there. Building management can still pull the rug from under us so we need your help to stay compliant.

To our Hero WOD Challengers, if you will not be able to make it to the WOD on Memorial Day, there will be a make up day THIS SATURDAY, MAY 25 AT 10:30AM!!!!

***REMINDER*** The CFW GAMES FINALS and REGIONAL TEAM FUNDRAISER will be JUNE 1 & 2. Cheer on your athletes and support your team!!

TODAY: FRI, MAY 24, 2013

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

SQUAT CLEANS 185#/125#



*Scale Muscle Ups with 2 CTB Pull Ups & 2 Ring Dips per MU

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