A Word From The Champ

DSC_0352(1)Our Spring 2013 Whole Life Challenge Champion has some very thoughtful words to share about her amazing and life-changing experience. Please to a moment to read.

“Life is a science. A testable explanation. Everything can be rationally explained with the right knowledge then reliably applied. The Whole Life Challenge was my self-experimentation project in biology and nutrition. My first WLC was in September 2012 – I pretty much blew it in the middle of the fourth week. The second time around I knew what my mind and body would go through and what I needed to do to get over the cravings and the habit of eating whenever I wanted. I wanted to be strict for to know what my body would feel like and how the change in eating habits would affect my performance and lifestyle. In the beginning I missed my weekend belgium waffle from Bob Evan’s and Steve’s Original Cinnamon Swirl Paleo Krunch. However, I knew what I wanted to accomplish for eight weeks so I used the science as the motivating variable.

What did I get from the challenge? I got to develop into the athlete I think I should be after being at CrossFit for a year. I got to plan a eating schedule that actually made sense using the ZoneDiet. I got to not eat outside of my home for eight weeks and save money preparing meals at home. I got to get over my 152lb. plataeu. I got to below 29% fat mass. I got to see two of my ab muscles. I got to kill over 3:30 minutes of my 5K time.  I got to PR my deadlift. I got to understand the discipline it takes to be steady everyday, not just on weekdays only to blow it on the weekends with cheat meals. The cravings are the hardest part of the WLC to overcome. For me they are like being in the presence of the opposite sex whom is attractive and concupiscent. Yeah, we can hang out and have fun but we don’t have to have to get busy at the end of the day. I acknowledged the cravings but I didn’t give in. After all, they do have their place since I was not raised on the healthiest of eating habits; I will forever have a sweet tooth; and german’s chocolate cake will always be had on my birthday unless it’s WLC time.”

TODAY: THURS, MAY 23, 2013

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2 Responses to A Word From The Champ

  1. tassha says:

    Your hair is gone! Congrats again lady. Great inspiring read!

  2. MrsBull says:

    Great job, Nici! The cravings are ALWAYS the worst and I too have a sweeth tooth that still sneaks up on me once in awhile. Keep up the great work!

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