I’m going to kill you…

sitting-infographic-1Is what I would say to you if I were a chair.  Did you know that you are at risk of taking 2-4 years off of your life by sitting too much?  Look at the chart above, now that’s a lot of sitting.  Do you think you are in the brown area?  I’ve known this for a while not because I’m a genius but I was told a long time ago by a smart professor in college.  Now I’m telling you.  Sitting down most of your day is literally killing you.  Look at yourself the next time you’re at your desk at work or on your couch at home.  Are you sitting up straight with incredible posture?  Are you getting up to stretch your now closed and tight hip flexors and hamstrings frequently?  Nope, you’re not.  Now look at your shoulder and neck position.  Are your shoulders rounded forward and neck pushed out?  Yep, they are.  Is your stomach distended?  Yep.  Now take a look at what a person looks like at around the age of 50 on; Shoulders rounded forward, neck pushed forward and falling forward, stomach distended, glutes are tucked under and lost between your legs and posture is right out the window.  This isn’t because they are getting older and gravity has had an affect on their body that for some reason hasn’t affected others.  It is because of the posture and what we’ve put our bodies through through-out the years that has created this horrible posture. so what are you going to do?  At the very least you should try and sit up straight like your mother told you to do in the first place.  You can do this by not sitting in a chair.  You can sit on a ball at work BUT, THIS ONLY WORKS IF YOU SIT UP STRAIGHT!!  Get up.  Get the F up and stretch.  Be that stetchy guy!!.  Finally, you go get a stand up desk if you’re awesome and want to add years to your life.  The next time you’re out look at peoples posture and ask yourself how they go like that then burn all your chairs!!


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