Here’s what I want you to do.  Instead of me preaching to you and hearing my voice over and over asking you to do something you all should do at least once, I want you to just look.  Look at the Whole Life Challenge website and see some of the changes in the game.  Visit the site and see all the different levels you can choose from.  You can virtually design your whole life challenge in a way which you can make the changes that you think are doable as well as challenging.  I’m not going to talk your ear off this week if you really don’t want to do it.  Simply look at the site and make an informed decision.

Also, our games are coming up at CrossFit Woodbridge.  These games are going to be for everyone interested in experiencing competition.  We will have our regular classes all week but on Friday night we will have special times (6:30pm until complete) where our Games WODs will be conducted.  We will keep score, we will have rankings and there will be fun.  At the end of the Open WODs the top 25% of CFW competitors will move up to regionals to continue their competition for the fittest at CrossFit Woodbridge.  Even if you aren’t throwing your name in the hate for Fittest you should definitely experience competition.  You can’t register yet though…wait until the 16th when the flood gates open!!


3 Rounds

30 Hang power snatches (75,55)

30 Wall Balls

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  1. Nuatu says:

    I looked. I signed up. Yeah BuddY!

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