Who’s The Master??

BAW_6220EDwmThe entire Master Division of the Capital Affiliate League, featuring CFW’s own “Silverbacks”, competes today at 1:00PM. Show up to support our team!

Next Saturday, Feb 16, all 4 teams compete in the final tournament at CrossFit Impavidus. The first WOD starts at 8am. Make your plans now!

P.S. – Thanks for all the comments last night. They mean a lot to us.






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6 Responses to Who’s The Master??

  1. Dr pauley says:

    just posted on yesterday’s blog post. Everyone please take a moment to read.

  2. Elysia says:

    Nice picture! If this was the Max Push-ups WOD, I watched Justin do those DUs at the end — watching those calf muscles work was something else!

  3. Jason C says:

    Why are there no more Saturday Team WODs?

  4. Bruce Williams says:

    Love watching the Masters Division compete. Love how they push each other. Justin was killing those double unders!!!!! Motivation

  5. Kelly Mine says:

    Is that my buddy, Justin? Way to crush that Filthy Fify, dude! It was great doing it with you…

  6. Rae says:

    I am pretty sure Justin is the Master of Double Unders. I watched him do 380 of those in a row one time.

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