Down To The Core

Lauren GHD

How’s everyone been enjoying the core work we’ve been doing at the end of class? Even though we would love to have everyone sport some beach abs in a couple of months, this is not the reason why we’ve been working on our core.

First, it’s important to understand that our core isn’t just our abdomen. Our core is essentially what “core” means — “the central, innermost, or essential part of anything”. Our core consists of all the musculature in our trunk- our hips, glutes, spinal erectors, abdominals, lats, and so forth. The functional movement we train in this gym initiates from our core. Try a box jump without flexing your hips. Try a front squat without tightening your back to pull your chest up. Do 21 kettlebell swings with just your arms. It would be silly to try because we don’t actually move this way. Our athletisism (or the lack thereof) is totally dependent on the capacity of our core.

One core developing exercise we’ve done is called “Hollow Rock“, based off of the Hollow Body Position. Take a look at this video. Once you have an understanding of the movement, try the workout suggested at the end.






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