Hannes Johannson

Coming from our 2nd place finisher in the Whole Life Challenge:

I joined CrossFit about five months ago to work on my health and fitness.  I had always been fit but somehow life got in the way and the pounds and inches began to stack up.  I started working out on my own, at work, but I soon realized that didn’t accomplish what I needed nor did it provide the fun environment necessary to make it last.  I had heard about CrossFit when I was in Iceland earlier in the year and again from my daughter whose friend is an avid CrossFitter, so I decided to look it up online.  I found CrossFit Woodbridge, contacted Dan and things were set in motion….haven’t looked back since.  

I can admit that I was a bit intimidated after showing up for the first time to observe a class.  The WOD was “Angie”!!  I recall thinking to myself “this is crazy……but wow I have to do this!!”  I mean, really, who wants to, or can, do 100 pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups and squats?  It’s insane, I couldn’t do one pull-up, but the people in the class did it!  Some were fast while others took longer; some had the assistance of rubber bands for the pull-ups but one way or another everyone managed to get through the workout!  That’s what intrigued me — everyone got through it at their own pace and that was ok!  That is exactly the cool thing about CrossFit, anyone can do it as all they have to do is adjust each movement to their level.   I realized that day that in order for me to do this I had to be willing to check my ego at the door…..I did and although I still hear the “ego voice” every now and then I ignore it and just keep going knowing that’s the only way l will reach my goals!  

A couple of months into my membership the box announced the Whole Life Challenge. It was an eight week challenge that basically requires you to think about food differently than before, emphasizes the importance of exercise every day (even as little as ten minutes of active recovery), along with ten minutes of daily mobility and taking fish oil every day.  The biggest challenge for me was to stay away from all sugars as it didn’t take me long to realize that much of what I ate and drank included sugar!! It’s not rocket science but it sure works!  I lost a total of sixteen inches of my body and haven’t felt this healthy and fit in a very long time.  I will definitely continue to follow the basic principles of this challenge! 

I grew up being very active in sports and played soccer at a high level, including in college.  I’ve coached soccer and consider myself a true soccer fan.  It didn’t take me long to realize that CrossFit is more than just another way to get fit, it’s a fantastic way for athletes of all sports to bring their game to the next level!  Coming to that realization I quickly enrolled two of my kids in CrossFit (one in CrossFit Kids) and they love it and have both found improvements in the way they play the game.  They are stronger, leaner, quicker and faster but the transformation has just started as they only recently signed up.  

CrossFit has become an important part of my life, I started out with going 3 days per week but soon realized I wanted more so I signed up for the unlimited package.  I know it works as long as I just show up and try my best!  The coaches, Dan, Nick, Lloyd and Eve are all fantastic and the environment at the box is great thanks to their leadership!  They make sure that every exercise is done properly as that maximizes results and helps prevent injuries.  The membership is energized and motivated to not only improve themselves but also to help and encourage those around them.  The atmosphere is unique…..there is just something there that I can’t quite put my finger on…..it’s just a very cool box!


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