Jared Johnson

Your local New Orleanian here…I still consider myself new to the area, even though I’ve been here since 2005. I Lived in Bowie until 2008…Lorton until 2009…got married, moved to Woodbridge…had my first son…then got fat…lol.  My wife didn’t gain a pound, but I gained 50.  I couldn’t even make it up my stairs without panting.  I started thinking, if I kept this lifestyle going, how was I going to play with my son?  What type of role model would I be eating whole pizzas and a dozen donuts in one sitting (yep, that was me)?  

I had a couple of friends that were doing CrossFit, and one of them told me there was a “CrossFit Woodbridge” near my house.  I sat on this information for about 4 months, telling myself that I would check it out one day.  Then, a phone conversation with my Dad made me reach out and contact the gym.  My Dad told me, “Son, you’re getting fat”.  I mean, I knew it, and so did my friends and family but, my Dad was the only one who had the courage to let me know.

When I did my introductory WOD, I almost didn’t sign up.  I could barley breathe. But, I hate being told I can’t do something, and for the first time in my life, I was telling this to myself.  I wouldn’t let me beat me anymore.  I wanted to take control of my weight, eating habits, and life…so I signed up.

I joined CFW in June (Weight: 250 lbs, Waist: 43 in., Hips: 50 in.).  By July, I was seeing amazing results (Weight: 225 lbs, Waist: 39 in., Hips: 47 in.).  August was even better  (Weight: 217 lbs, Waist: 36 in., Hips: 45 in.). September was better than August  (Weight: 207 lbs, Waist: 34 in., Hips: 44 in.).  I mean, you get the point.  My goal was to reach 200 lbs, but as of yesterday I have exceeded my goals and expectations  (Weight: 190 lbs, Waist: 33 in., Hips: 40 in.).  60 lbs down, and bout 10 inches all around.

See, I have been taking pointers from each of the coaches at the gym.  I was, and am, always observing the coaches and the “superheroes” in the classes.  I learned about how to live the Paleo Lifestyle, how to pace myself, how important mobilizing is, and I am still learning and improving on different movements and techniques everyday.  I found out that this getting fit thing is not just a place to arrive, but is truly a journey.

Right near October  I started to stray away from my diet a bit.  Then, the Whole Life Challenge came around.  I was already eating Paleo, so it wasn’t much of a change for me, but it really made me re-adjust things and get back on track. Once I saw that following the guidelines really helped me get stronger and improve, I knew that what the coaches were preaching had me on the right track.

I really never thought I could lose weight or get in shape.  I never thought I had the time. Really, this CrossFit thing was my last hope.  Now, I feel like I can do anything.  I have more energy, I sleep better, I stopped snoring (Thanks CFW…straight from my ol’ lady).  I am addicted to fitness now.  I even do my own WOD’s on the weekends.

You know, now that I think about it, I am really forging elite fitness…and friendships.  CFW is almost like a home away from home for me.  I can’t thank the coaches enough for just being themselves-regular cool people- and living healthy lives.  People are always watching you, and I learn by example.  Each of you have taught me more than you know…and in time…I will destroy all of you in a WOD…lol.

-Jared (New Orleans, 9th Ward…GEAUX Saints!!!)

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