Don’t Wait To Change Your Life

Andy Patrenek of CrossFit Los Angeles shared an interesting conversation he had about the Whole Life Challenge:

“I was having a conversation with a friend over the weekend about the Whole Life Challenge. She said that she didn’t need or want that added pressure on her every day to count points. Are there any of you out there that are feeling the same way?

I responded to my friend that if that was why or why not she was going to participate in the Challenge, she was doing it for the wrong reason. Points are a way to make it interesting and fun – to make it a game. But the purpose of participating in the Whole Life Challenge is to take eight weeks to look at the regular choices you make every day that have an effect on your health, fitness and life. And about shedding light on these choices… so that as you move forward in life, you’ve developed one (or more) new healthy habits, you’ve got knowledge about what sorts of choices you make that you could improve on, and you’ve got experience in making subtle, sustainable changes that are realistic for your life. AND, you get to do this in a community of people that are committed to the same thing you are. Points? Forget about them. Scoring points is simply a way to keep you accountable and byproduct of you participating in the WLC in a way that is meaningful and realistic for you and your life.”

There’s not much more I need to say. This is the last day to sign up for the Whole Life Challenge.





Do 1 HSPU and 1 DL when the clock starts. Do 2 HSPU and 2 DL after the first minute, 3 & 3 the following minute and so forth until you cannot complete the number of reps within the minute. If you fail to complete the reps of one movement but succeed in the other, continue the workout with the movement you completed (i.e. – at minute 14, you complete 15 HSPU but run out of time at 11 DL, continue the workout with HSPU only. Inversely, if you cannot continue HSPU and skip to DL, continue the WOD with DL only). Your score is the round you complete with a notation of additional reps from the following round.

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One Response to Don’t Wait To Change Your Life

  1. Mike says:

    Just signed up for the WLC, since I can;t make it in for the prelim tomorrow, do we just start everything else (diet, etc) and worry about the prelim stuff afterwards?


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