Busy Week Ahead

CFW, please take note of the following announcements.

The Whole Life Challenge kicks off this coming Saturday, September 15. You still have time to sign up so do it now!.

CFW will be doing the Whole Life Challenge Preliminary WOD this Saturday at the 0900 and 1000 classes. All members are welcome to do this WOD but WLC Participants will need this score to begin the challenge so be there. Your friends and family who are doing the WLC with you can also come get their scores as well. Bring them early so they can fill out a waiver.

Be prepared to have your body measurements taken on Saturday as well. Details for make ups are to come.

Also, on Saturday, CFW Upper Division Team will be competing at CrossFit Balance. “Preeettty Fit” will be competing at Trident CrossFit. Both competitions begin at 1:00PM so plan on supporting our teams by showing up.

The Olympic Lifting Training Make-Up on Thursday will be at 7:30PM this week. Be prepared to get strong.






10 DEADLIFTS 115#/75#


10 PUSH PRESS 115#/75#

AMRAP DOUBLE UNDERS in the time remaining


*Your score is the total number of double unders completed. If scaling to single unders, divide your total score by 3 (drop the decimal if applicable).

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7 Responses to Busy Week Ahead

  1. E says:

    thank you for announcing the 7:30pm ahead of time, helps me plan my week! #planslifearoundcrossfit.

  2. tassha says:

    Is there a makeup for the WOD for the WLC? Can we get measurements done before this weekend? I will be out of town this weekend.

  3. Manny says:

    CFW—I echo Tassha—Looks like an OBX weekend for me—long over due—Anyways at the risk of sounding selfish—I think there would be a better turn out if we had the WLC WOD and Measurements during the week—at least the WOD—

    Hey E—Forgive me, but are you Esther or Erica, just curious—

  4. E says:

    I’m Esther! Just been “E” on the site for years….

  5. Daniel Broughton says:

    Sorry guys, the Whole Life Challenge starts on Saturday for the whole country. Everyone will be doing it on the same day. Yes we will have make-up times next week after Saturday. We won’t be doing it before as it would be fair to everyone if some people got a head start. Depending on how many people we have registered we may be starting as early as 8am.

  6. Manny says:

    Dan, you’re absolutely correct—wasn’t thinking in those terms—forgot we’re not alone on this challenge—Duh moment—lol–

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