Affiliate Leagie Comp!!

Hey Everyone! Come support your Affiliate Team today at CFW at 1pm. It’s week two of the Affiliate League and we’re going against CrossFit Fairfax. If you were there last week you’d know it was awesome to watch. Come out

Also, check out yesterday’s post about Erica and Ray’s cookout/part-a!

In teams of two
Row 2k
Rest 5 minutes
30 thrusters
50 cleans
70 deadlifts
250 double unders

*1 person works at one time, one bar per team.

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  1. E says:

    And the “lower” division ladies will be competing at CrossFit South Arlington tomorrow if anyone wants to venture up to the big city to support us! Hey, there’s a lululemon up there, stop by afterwards and pick yourself up something pretty.

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