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My relationship with paleo began right before the last paleo challenge in 2011. Justin had come home one day and told me “Dan says I need to eat paleo.” Period. That was it. I thought to myself, “Why is this Dan character trying to take away my beloved grains and pastas and sugars? Why does he hate me!?” I wasn’t extremely keen on the idea to begin with but thought I’d go along with it anyhow for Justin. I was excited, however, to hear no dairy so Justin couldn’t tease me with cheese anymore since I’m lactose intolerant and have IBS.

The beginning was a lot of trial and error with the meals. Some incredibly gross ones to some super fantastic ones. Our relationship was rocky. I was cheating on paleo and paleo didn’t understand my “needs”. It was a lot of buying items that I thought were “paleo” only for Justin to tell me about 5 different things that was wrong with it. To say the least it was quite frustrating at first. Once I got the hang of paleo it started to become fun to mix and match things and make up my own meals. Justin even won the paleo challenge last year!

When we started paleo the first time, I did not crossfit. In fact, I didn’t work out at all. Despite that just eating differently I lost about 7 pounds; just extra fat or water weight that my body didn’t need. I also had way more energy and felt happier.

Enter crossfit. Finally, I joined. I joined the day before the paleo challenge started. By this time I was a paleo expert. For reals. We were getting serious. Now it was time to see how things with paleo went while working out. I have to mention that this time I also cut out all sugar. Before I still ate sugar and candy all I wanted because “I wasn’t the one trying to lose weight”. I won’t lie. Cutting out sugar was totes redic! I seriously went through sugar withdrawals; headaches, incredible cravings and bad mood swings.

Throughout the month long challenge I made incredible gains on many things. I dropped my body fat % by -1.6% and gained 3 pounds of lean mass. I improved my baseline by -3:25 and upped my Total by 62 pounds. I began to feel amazing. I had more energy in the day, I felt stronger with each WOD and I was happier. My stomach problems went mostly away which leads me to believe it wasn’t just the dairy and my skin cleared up too which was a total plus! I’m excited to see how much more I can gain with crossfit and I wouldn’t want to do it without eating paleo, ever. I’m happy to announce my relationship with paleo has now gone exclusive and we plan on being together for the long haul.

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