Pete and Chris Herrmann

I am a military spouse and mom of two young children, ages 1 and 3. I juggle the needs of my family and love them dearly. However, for almost 4 years my exercise has consisted of chasing children and pushing a stroller and usually at the pace a toddler can walk. Needless to say, my physical activity needed an overhaul. Even though I didn’t know how I could possibly fit something else into my day, I knew something needed to change, but I didn’t know what I was looking for.

Enter CrossFit.

My husband, Pete, is a dedicated Marine and has always been in good physical health, some because it’s part of his job to be fit, but also because he loves the challenge. One day we drove by CFW, and I hinted at being interested, and that’s all he needed to hear. That day he looked it up online and contacted Dan at CFW. Dan got back to Pete that same day and encouraged us to come take a free class and see what CrossFit is all about. Pete took a class first, and then a couple days later I mustered up the courage to walk through the door for my very first class. I hadn’t been in a gym in 4 years and I was nervous. Upon entering, I quickly scanned and noticed some very fit individuals, which oddly made me even more intimidated. Some thoughts that were going through my mind at the time were, “What have I got myself into?  I don’t belong here. I’m just a Mom. I push a stroller. I can’t do a push-up or a pull-up. Maybe I should just leave.”

Enter Dan.

Dan instantly made me feel welcome and assured me not to be nervous. He explained that every workout is scalable and not to worry he would give me specific instructions and not leave me hanging. I also quickly learned that no one was there to show off or to be intimidating, actually it was quite the opposite. Everyone was very friendly, welcoming and encouraging. By the end of day one, I could tell CFW was more like a family than anything. On day one, I did the same WOD along with everyone else in the room, but scaled to my level. It was an incredible experience to have tried something so far removed from anything I’ve done before. Pete and I quickly joined, and after completing fundamentals, joined the “family” and started normal classes. I go to the 6AM class and love it! Yes, I do have to get up a little earlier than I was used to, but it’s worth it.

CrossFit is unique, intense, oddly fun, challenging and inspiring, and it truly is for everyone. Every time I walk through the door, I have a coach waiting to challenge me, encourage me and make sure I don’t do something with bad form and get hurt. He also educates me constantly on the importance of nutrition, combined with fitness. I have been going for 5 months and have yet to have a repeat WOD. Every day is different and keeps you on your toes. Nothing boring or mundane about CFW!  I also have my fellow Crossfitters there to laugh with, sweat with, and tackle every tough WOD with each time I walk through the door.

CrossFit has gotten me back in shape. I am stronger than I have ever been.  I have muscles that I never knew I had. I went from being a sedentary Mom to a dedicated CrossFitter in a very short time. I admit it, I’m hooked. It’s a lifestyle change for sure, but one with results. On day one, I did modified pull-ups by using a box to jump my chin over the bar and  five months after joining, I did my first unassisted pull-up, just one of my many improvements, but one of my proudest moments. My children now associate me with exercise, specifically CrossFit, which makes me feels good.

If you are reading this testimonial, you are more than likely trying to decide if CrossFit is right for you. Stop wondering and give it a try. Take a free class, talk to Dan and give it a try. You won’t regret it! I came from a non-existent fitness level, to now being addicted. Just try one class and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Do something for yourself today  – try CrossFit!

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