Paleo Challenge Sept 2010

Congrats to everyone for competing in the Paleo challenge.  Like I said before I could care less how strict you’ve stayed and where you ended up in the standing as long as you learned something about food, what it does and how to change your life for the better.  What I like most about the paleo challenge isn’t all the complaining about being hungry, what to eat, getting yelled at when I try and help people no, I know it’s hard not to but, no.  I actually do like the fact that after all of that people come to the pot luck and talk about their experiences, what they’ve learned and it’s great.  I’m proud of you all, and you make me feel warm inside, there I said it.

Congrats to AP and Kodi as they came out on top as our two winners!

As a gym we lost 118 pounds and 27.5% body fat.  Our average power output started at 13.3% and went up as a whole to 31.7%.  Shizzam!!!  Incredible.  It’s not everyday you see changes like that at a normal gym.  You worked for it, you earned it and you deserve everything you get.  Congrats again everyone.


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